i-Pill is the most popular single-use emergency contraceptive pill in India. It is the first product to be launched in its category in India, and that’s why it has retained its first position despite market is being flooded with other similar products with lower price.

Cipla [now, Piramal] is selling quite huge proportion of i-Pill. However, one should never forget that this is an Emergency Contraceptive Pill. The prefix emergency should be considered before going for indiscriminate use of this pill. As it goes, a woman should use it only in the case of Emergency. The Ministry of Health, Government of India has recently warned about indiscriminate use of emergency contraceptive pills.

The popularity of i-Pill among Indian teenagers is really a matter of concern. The amount of pills being marketed every month shows the fact that teenagers are using this pill without any sort of emergency. Male partners MUST show extra care for their loved ones, and sincerely try to avoid any circumstances in which the use of pill becomes a must.

This is a fact that in various western countries, contraceptive pills can be bought only on the prescription of a doctor. Though, in India doing it will become a problem for some ‘Real Circumstances’ and hence maintaining its status of being an ‘Over-the-Counter [OTC]’ product is a nice decision. However, the care should always be taken.

Second thing that one should keep in mind is the fact that almost every pathological drug comes with subtle side-effects. The case is similar for i-Pill. Continuous use of i-Pill will surely hurt somewhere, and in the long run may cause lots of problems for women. For some women, there is also instant side-effects, but to avoid pregnancy they simply go for it overlooking inherent side effects.

Side-effects of i-Pill

Let us have a look on some possible side-effects of i Pill:

Headaches – most common, but not that much worrisome


Mood fluctuations

Abdominal pain


– Possible bleeding during periods – excessive bleeding in some cases

Vomiting – very rare, but may create problems for unmarried girls before their parents

– Possible sudden weight fluctuations

– Serious heart problems for those women who smoke – interestingly, it has been seen that contraceptive pills are being used on regular basis by those women who smoke regularly

– Can cause irregular menstrual cycle

– If you are using i Pill on ‘regular basis’ then be prepared for ‘regular’ irregular menstrual cycles which might create lots of problems for you in the long term. Let me repeat – Avoid it on regular basis.

Note: i-Pill must be taken within 72 hours of unprotected physical intimacy. And, only one tablet should be consumed at a single time. Swallow it with water after meal. Remember, i-Pill is NOT AN ALTERNATIVE to known regular contraceptives.

There is no age bar for using i-Pill. Any women can use it if she can become pregnant.